Sitting and drinking a cup of tea can be such a calming reflective time for me. Cindy’s selections are so unique, I have been passing along samples to my friends. Even the non tea drinkers really enjoy them.

— Wilhemina Walker

I received some of Nature’s Healing Herbs teas and green tea dip as a gift; and was pleasantly surprised at the top quality of the tea leaf and it’s great taste. Very impressed!

— Dr. S.H.

I am a long time tea drinker and I love the flavors and scents of Cindy’s teas, my special favorite is the lavender green tea. It is so calming and refreshing!

—Tommmie De Santiago

For me the green tea dip and the green tea cookies are really great and you can’t stop eating them!! Those cookies give that needed energy boost especially for those mid-afternoon slump days. Due to my allergies, they are great for me because their wheat, dairy and gluten free.

— Shelly B.

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