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Supplies to Brew a cup of Green or Black Tea

You're ready to enjoy our great teas - but wonder what is the best way to brew our special teas?

We have several great products to answer that question.

Our products give your a lot of flexibility to brew the teas - at work or at home!

Easy way to make a great cup of tea from loose tea while you're on the run! T-sac for brewing great cup of tea.
Description: Natural, disposable, non-bleached paper filter, for use with loose tea, fits in a cup, is easy and portable. These bags have a longer flap on one side which help to close the bag. These bags cling to the side of the cup when wet.

Per Box: 100 filters
Cost: $8.00 per box


Celestial Mesh Infuser
Beautiful, reusable, celestial mesh infuser, great for those bulky leaves. Admired and desired by tea drinkers everywhere! Tea Infuser

Description: 2" size, fits most cups! Stainless steel, beautiful celestial design of sun, moon and stars on the rim of the infuser.

Weight: 1.75 ounces

Cost: $7.00 each


Mesh Ball
Want a single cup of great tea from loose tea? The mesh ball delivers!

Description: Mesh ball with spring handle, stainless steel, works great for herbal infusions.

Weight: 1.75 ounces

Cost: $3.50 each
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