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We have many original designer teas, beautiful and refreshing, made from scratch with bulk herbs, flowers, roots and rare green teas. We make organic herbal infusions, some call them herbal teas, but actually are not from a tea plant. All our products are made from organic herbs and teas. Wildcrafted or conventional herbs are used only if a species is endangered and unavailable.

Our green teas are over 800 years old from the Ming Dynasty, never altered or hybridized, so there is no genetically modified products found on our site ever. See our list of great suggestions for using these products, many of these ideas are supplied with your purchased products.

Our special teas are picked and cared for by two small families. All the work is done by hand and air-dried at only 40-45 degrees. The use of no heat, no steam or fermenting causes very little oxidation and therefore your anti-oxidant and vitamin levels stay very high! We ensure you get the maximum benefits by picking only the white-silver bud plus the top two leaves. (See our photo gallery.)

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