Nature’s Healing Herbs products are a unique line of rare, unusual teas with edible tea leaves, Organic Herbal Infusions, and the world’s only line of Green Tea Foods.

I started my business when I realized how confusing it was reading media reports and research articles with conflicting results about what was healthier whether teas, herbs or foods. If you, like me, want to try something new — you want to know what is best for your health, and your body. So who and what do you believe, and what the heck should you do!

So my company was built on the premise that we would inform you, the individual, what our research shows, both pros and cons and supportive studies telling the truth. We also decided to produce our own teas, using organic, fresh tea leaves and herbal flowers, roots and leaves from extremely reliable sources that we feel good about and trust.

I welcome you to our site and hope you enjoy reading and reviewing our products and information pages. Our articles will change periodically, as will our classes and events.

In the future we also will be adding new products.

Take time to un-stress, sit and relax with a beautiful pot of tasty and exciting tea.

Have a great tea day!

A Toast to Your Health, and thank you for your visit,


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