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Our Philosophy
We believe that our bodies need the help that herbs can give to help it heal itself. We care about your health and want to give you the best results possible. That is why at Nature’s Healing Herbs we strive to use only first-grade quality and organic ingredients.

Nature’s Healing Herbs was founded by herbalist Cynthia Burrows (Cindy), M.T., C.W.C.

Cindy is a Nutrition and Herbal Consultant with over 25 years experience in the health field and over 10 years practicing with food and herbs. She has her B.S. degree in medical technology from the University of Mansfield in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

She received a Certified Wellness Consultant designation through The Wellness Forum in Colombus, Ohio. Cindy has also received advanced certificates for herbalism from the East West School of Herbology in California. She has attended classes at the University of Texas in Austin and many other classes and conferences to expand her knowledge.

"I started my business to help individuals with their health using natural foods and plants." Cindy's business includes a tea line with both rare green teas and herbal infusions. Her speciality line of green tea foods is a unique and great way to increase benefits of green tea.

Cindy is a frequent speaker and writer for several newspapers and magazines, has ongoing educational classes on health and herbal subjects, and has also been featured on TV and radio.

And Our Secret Ingredient?
We add a dash of tender loving care to all of our products to help your body balance and restore to health.

She has attended the East West School of Herbs in California and studied Chinese, Western and Ayurvedic herbs, plus continually increases her knowledge by attending classes on herbs and nutrition.

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